2023 NYU Alumni Changemakers

Vision. Perseverance. Belief.

These are the qualities that unite this class of NYU Alumni Changemakers—a selected group of NYU alumni whose accomplishments help build a better world.

Chosen by the NYU Alumni Association Board from crowdsourced nominations, these alumni are the best of the best: entrepreneurs and visionaries who save lives, reduce suffering, and bring hope to the marginalized.

Ambition for private gain is one thing. But ambition with the public good in mind?

That's how you make change.

Meet the Honorees

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Headshot of Natalia Cineas

Natalia Cineas(she/her)

MEYERS ’06, WAG ’09

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive Co-Chair, Equity and Access Council New York City Health + Hospitals

“The heart of my work is the advocacy of the underserved patients of New York City.”

Dedicated healthcare leader, championing equity for marginalized individuals within the nation's largest public healthcare system and beyond.

Meet Natalia
Headshot of Sharon Guynup

Sharon Guynup(she/her)

GSAS ’99

Science and Environmental Journalist, Producer, and Speaker

“I've spent so much of my career exposing threats to wildlife. Now I want to report on solutions.”

Investigative journalist, photographer, and explorer; devoted to wildlife conservation and nature's stories—illuminating critical environmental issues and catalyzing change.

Meet Sharon
Headshot of Hunter Johansson

Hunter Johansson(he/him)

WAG ’19

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Solar Responders

“I felt an urgency and empathy to go to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and figure out what was happening.”

Innovative champion harnessing solar energy for resilient emergency response, saving lives, positively impacting the environment, and shaping Puerto Rico's renewable future.

Meet Hunter
Headshot of Felicity Levey

Felicity Levey(she/her)

LAW ’13

Co-Founder, Paladin

“I realized that life isn't fair. Opportunity isn't fair. Resources aren't distributed equally or fairly. It made me want to make the world a fairer place.”

Merges law, technology, and social justice, catalyzing pro bono connections for meaningful access to justice.

Meet Felicity
Headshot of Rina Madhani

Rina Madhani(she/her)

GLS ’14

Founder, Start Lighthouse

“Start Lighthouse can be a model to shrink the literacy gap, and I have national aspirations for it.”

Bridges educational gaps with books, self-created literacy kits, and fosters belonging with programs for marginalized students.

Meet Rina
Headshot of Francisco Núñez

Francisco Núñez(he/him)


Founder and Artistic Director, the Young People's Chorus of New York

“If you can break economic divisions and bring children from all socioeconomic backgrounds together, kids start to see each other and stereotypes get broken down.”

Visionary composer and conductor; elevates youth voices, fosters harmony, enriches communities through music, and inspires cultural unity.

Meet Francisco
Headshot of Erin Schrode

Erin Schrode(she/her)

CAS ’13

Activist and Social Entrepreneur

“We want a generation of young people mobilized on issues of environmentalism, climate, and justice.”

Environmental champion and Turning Green founder, mobilizing youth worldwide, driving eco-consciousness, equity, and policy change.

Meet Erin

Be The Light

With more than half-a-million NYU alumni around the globe, we need you to help us shine a light on NYU Alumni Changemakers and their impressive work.

It begins when you take a few moments to fill out a nomination form. Then, the NYU Alumni Association Board of Directors, along with a special committee made up of key members of the NYU community, will review all potential candidates based on the magnitude of the challenge, originality and innovation of the solution, and the results and impact achieved.

Their work sparked significant change. Your nomination illuminates their efforts and extends their impact.

Who inspires you today?

650,000+NYU Alumni in 183 Countries

28% of AlumniWork in Education, Entrepreneurship, or Community and Social Services

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